Testing & Evaluation

  • Specialized diagnosis for children and adults with suspected ASDs

  • ADOS evaluation

  • Neuropsychological evaluation

  • Psychiatric evaluation

  • Psychosocial assessment

  • Speech and language evaluation

  • Social and pragmatic skills assessment

  • Psychoeducational testing


  • Social skills and pragmatic language groups for children

  • Social skills seminar for teens and young adults

  • Adolescent and adult groups


  • Transition support from school to work

  • Employment placement


  • Launching into adulthood coaching

  • College coaching program

  • Executive function support and training for elementary to high school students


  • For family members

  • Adults with AS and related conditions


  • Continuing education for educational teams on executive function, management, and support for students with ASDs

  • Peer Supervision Group: Our monthly peer supervision group meets on the third Sunday of every month consists of an expert talk on a particular topic on interest followed by discussion of any difficult cases/professional situations professionals may be facing. Professionals of all backgrounds, including therapists, doctors, evaluators, counselors, SLPs, teachers, parent advocates, and educational placement specialists are all welcome and contribute to a lively discussion. Some upcoming topics for the 2016 winter-spring cycle include: music therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Selective Mutism. No registration required. Please check our website for any changes due to weather conditions or cancellations for any reason. For more information on topics and dates please contact Rebecca Sachs at drsachs@cbtspectrum.com.

Educational and therapeutic placement advising  

  • Guidance for families seeking boarding schools, special education day schools, or residential treatment programs for children, adolescents and young adults who may have learning, developmental, social, psychiatric or behavioral problems

Massage And Body Healing

  • Learn how to recognize, access, and utilize your own internal mechanisms for natural wellbeing. Integrating training in Massage Therapy, Vibrational Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Hand, Foot and Face Reflexology, our practitioner's compassionate and gentle approach addresses both physical and energetic issues. Working with both children and adults, her treatments serve to release tension and stress, enhancing focus and direction. With Infant massage instruction, she teaches parents and caregivers techniques to help the child’s physical and cognitive development.


  • Social Anxiety and Social Skills Groups are designed to help adults implement cognitive techniques to reduce negative thoughts and anxiety, and practice behavioral strategies to enhance their social skills.  For those who struggle with the social demands of everyday life, negative thoughts or beliefs about social experiences can become generalized and self -defeating. Self-defeating negative thoughts interfere with developing friendships and intimacy. Participants will practice cognitive and behavioral techniques to enhance their professional and personal relationships facilitated by Juliet Melamid, LMFT. Contact; Jamelamid@gmail.com 

  • Relaxed Encounters is a social skills group designed to help young adults with ASD manage the social aspects of a new job or new friendship. This interactive group will use discussion, role- playing, projects and improvisation to address issues of social cognition, social skills, anxiety and self-esteem facilitated by Juliet Melamid, LMFT.  Contact: Jmelamid@gmail.com 

  • Social Skills Group for Young Adults is a social skills group designed to help young adults practice social skills with same-aged peers in a safe and supportive environment. This group provides opportunities to practice and strengthen social skills, connect with peers as well as plan and participate in outings throughout NYC. This group is ideal for young adults who are looking to expand their social experiences. Social Skills Group for Young Adults meets weekly and is facilitated by Leslie Sickels, LCSW. For more information, contact LeslieSickelsLCSW@gmail.com 

  • Multifamily Groups are designed to bring family members together in a supportive environment where they can develop greater intimacy and connection. The group will aid members in identifying past traumas that are being played out, teach members how to expand the window of tolerance in the way the family regulates emotionally and connects, increase intimacy, and improve attachment patterns. This group is facilitated by Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian. For more information, visit: www.Rahimeh.com. Rahimeh@rahimeh.com

  • Storytelling Group This interactive narrative group promotes questioning and awareness of ourselves, our community, and the world in which we interact. It is a collective of autobiographical stories brought together in one script and performed by the client, the author. We explore a variety of themes such as love, loyalty, disability, mental illness, acculturation, inter-generational family legacies, addiction, trauma, violence, sexism, gay/lesbian issues, shame, and success. Designed to inspire relational dialogue and conflict resolution, this group enables participants to transcend the barriers of experience, identity, and culture that disconnect them from others, and effectively fosters growth, connection, and healing. This narrative healing group is facilitated by Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian. Rahimeh@rahimeh.com


  • Improv Social Skills Group is for teens and adults designed to help participants develop and/or refine various skills in a fun way. Improv/theatre exercises improve one’s ability to think flexibly and adapt to changeable circumstances, to understand others’ perspectives, to read nonverbal and verbal cues, and to express oneself, and be creative. Some group members develop friendships with each other; others feel safe and accepted while having fun during the weekly sessions. Dr. Jaime Black facilitates this group. JaimeBlackPsyD@gmail.com

  • 10 Week Social Skills Group is a 10 week program for teens or adults with Asperger Syndrome, high-functioning autism, nonverbal Learning Disorder, social anxiety, or anyone who experiences difficulties with social interactions and wants guidance and support. Topics covered include understanding nonverbal communication, making and maintaining relationships, conversation skills, use of social media, appropriate dating practices, and school/job-related issues. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of group members and topics are added when requested. Dr. Jaime Black facilitates this group. JaimeBlackPsyD@gmail.com

  • Interactive groups customized for neurodiverse couples are limited to 4 couples, these workshops are personalized and customized for each unique person with dynamic activities encourage sharing, playing, healing, skill-building, and perspective taking. Themes include communication, problem-solving, strengthening your ‘we’, managing and understanding the impact of anxiety as a couple, household chores and management, setting common goals, uncovering and recovering the invisible ‘you'. These groups are facilitated by Carol Feldman-Bass and Grace Myhill. Carol@socialdynamix.net or Gmyhill@gmail.com

  • Teen Girls Self Esteem Group with Mindfulness is a supportive skill-teaching group for teenaged girls 13-17, who could use a boost in self-esteem building. Each group will offer a mini lesson on mindfulness and practicing of relaxation skills to aid in management of anxiety and depression that is commonly associated with self-esteem issues. Group topics will include peer relationships, social skills, concerns related to body image, and tips on learning self-love. Members will be asked to support one another and help each other work through common concerns and recurring issues as they relate to self-esteem and healthy teenaged girl development. Alyson.cohenlcsw@gmail.com

  • Gender/Sexual Identity Exploration Group for Young Adults 18-30 is an open forum style support group where members will largely determine group discussion. Facilitator will provide support and clarity as needed and provide a safe space for group members to explore thoughts and feelings related to gender, sexuality, and identity. Group members will work together through common issues and concerns. Discussion topics might include: concerns related to family abandonment/rejection, insecurities related to identity and self esteem, bigotry and homophobia, and building self-love and acceptance. Alyson.cohenlcsw@gmail.com

  • Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Do you want to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, boost focus, increase productivity, enhance communication and interpersonal skills, and live a more integrated, fulfilling, and healthy life? Mindfulness meditation is clinically proven to help achieve all of the above! Join this group that meets four times each group cycle to learn the basics of mindfulness and get hands-on practice and coaching from mindfulness experts. Learn to savor positive experiences and detach from negative experiences. You will learn to tune into your breath, pause before reacting to tough situations, and relaxation techniques that can work anytime, anywhere.

  • Strategies for Life Adults (age 18-35) with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other learning differences will learn to navigate through the challenges of life after high school and beyond. The aim is to gain valuable skills for independent living and creating a fulfilling life. From time management and interaction with peers, to preparing for sustainable employment and managing a household, Strategies for life sessions will provide a relaxed environment for participants to interact with each other and with special guests from the academic and business community. Join us as we help you develop a roadmap to success. This group is hosted by Debra Solomon. Debra@spectrumroadmap.com